Sex can be one of the most difficult things to talk about. It is one of the most intimate acts in which one or both individuals can feel very vulnerable. There are a lot of misconceptions about sex such as:


- if the relationship is right the sex should come easy

- sex is only for the young

- men should want more sex than women and women only have sex to keep their partner happy

- if our sex life isn't right then my partner isn't attracted to me


The way sex plays out in our lives is influenced by many factors. These include the stories about sex we are given by our families, peers and the media; our biology, genetics and physicality; and our experiences with sex in childhood and adulthood. Considering these things no wonder there can be complications in our sex lives.


What to expect from sex therapy:

Sex therapy provides a safe and non-judgemental environment to discuss your challenges. Generally a sexual history will be taken which involves finding out about how you learnt about sex and your sexual experiences. This will be guided by the therapist. If you have a partner they may be asked to join all or some of the sessions. Sometimes the therapists will make referrals to other medical professionals such as gynocologists, urologists, men's or women's health practitioners and physiotherapists.


Here are some common sexual challenges. Read further if the issue resonates with you.


- Lack of desire

- Mismatched libidos

- Erectile functioning

- Painful sex

- Difficulty orgasming

- Porn addiction

- Sex addiction