Counselling is beneficial if you are going through a challenging stage of your life or even if you simply want to create change. It helps address the impact of depression, anxiety and stress on one’s life and relationships. The therapists at My Appletree are passionate about working with couples and individuals to improve their relationships as well as to overcome challenges that they may be experiencing.  Our therapists are also trained to work with a variety of sexual issues. Read more on our Relationship and Sexual Health pages.


My Appletree believes that you need to find the right fit between client and therapist as well as client and therapy. Counselling sessions are 55 minutes. Please enquire within for pricing. Medicare and Health Fund Rebates are available. We offer after hour and weekend appointments.


All psychologists at My Appletree have different personalities and approaches as well as training in different therapies.  They are all registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. It is important to find the right therapist for you as well as the right approach. 


What to expect from counselling:

Our psychologists are well trained and experienced to provide a safe and non-judgemental environment to discuss and explore whatever it is that you would like to work on. Sometimes it may feel like you wouldn't know what to say, but you will be guided to help you through this process. 




Coaching can help you identify goals that are aligned with your values. These goals are then formulated in such a way to increase the chance of achieving them and finding the best path to do so. Coaching uses evidence based strategies to support a client. These goals may be about work, career, personal relationships and general life goals. The work may be about enhancing skills, performance or capability. All coaching sessions are 55 minutes. After hour and wekend sessions are available.


What to expect from coaching:

Coaching is different to counselling as you will be doing a lot of the work and the coach is the facilitator. You will be writing down your goals and plans and you will do the work between sessions to work toward the goals you have set. The coach will help with providing an understanding of change and the factors that impact this; insight into the motivation of the individual and organisations to implement or maintain new behaviour; and create accountability.




Massage is a great way to look after our bodies. It can also be a great way to process some of our emotions, My Appletree offers a variety of massage techniques depending on what you hope to achieve. Read more on our Remedial Massage page.