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Difficulty Orgasming


Both men and women can have difficulty reaching orgasm. It can happen for an array of reasons, sometimes physical or medical and sometimes psychological. It can be treated with medication and/or counselling, depending on the cause.


Delayed, impaired or retarded ejaculation for men can be a lifelong issue or develop at a certain point in their lives. It can also be situational, in that it happens in certain situations only. Men experiencing this can take a long time to ejaculate or don’t ejaculate at all. Orgasm and ejaculation are two separate functions but are quite often associated with one another. It is normal for men not to ejaculate from time to time and is only a problem if it is ongoing and is causing stress.


For women, challenges in orgasming or not being able to orgasm at all, anorgasmia, can be quite stressful for both the women experiencing it and for their partners. It can be a lifelong issue or develop at a certain time in one’s life. It can be caused by a variety of health issues but also by anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, lack of knowledge of one’s body and pain.



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